Can RJSC refuse to accept a return?

Let me tell you a story.

Few months back, one of our clients wanted to start two different businesses. So, we incorporated two different companies for the client. Except for the object clause, both companies have nearly identical Articles of Association. Businesses were good and soon our client had some new shareholders in those two companies. They needed some restructuring. They also needed to amend the Articles of the two companies.

After few rounds of emails, we finalized the draft, held an extra ordinary general meeting, passed the resolution and adopted the new articles. We submitted all the documents with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (hereinafter “RJSC”) as the Companies Act 1994 required. We were waiting to close the deal.

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Laws relating to Mutation in Bangladesh

Mutation is a important factor in land ownership in Bangladesh. When you become an owner of a land/property, you need to complete the mutation. It is a very important piece of evidence for the title of the land.

You will not be able to sell the land if your name is not on the latest Khatian or you update the record through mutation. In another way, you will not be able to buy a land, if the seller’s name is not mutated.

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Registration law in Bangladesh

Today, I will discuss the laws relating to registration in Bangladesh. For clarification, I will not cover birth, death, marriage, divorce or voter registration. Rather I will deal with mainly document registration. Before going into the details, here is the basics-

Principal laws for registration in Bangladesh are-

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