Attorney client privilege in Bangladesh

One of the crucial aspects of the relationship between a lawyer and clients is the attorney client privilege. It means that the communications between the lawyer and clients cannot be forced to disclose. It assures the client that s/he can disclose all material facts to the lawyer and it will not be disclosed and used against him/her in any court. If any client discloses any confidential information to his/her lawyer, the lawyer cannot disclose that information. Such candid disclosure enables the lawyer to provide better advice and representation to the client. If such protection was not provided, it would force any person to think twice before disclosing any unfavorable facts to the lawyer. Which would ultimately hamper the person’ right to obtain a candid legal advice from his/her lawyer. It is one of the core characteristics of the lawyer – client relationship.

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Ordinary, special and extraordinary resolution

What is a “resolution“:

The word “resolution” is not defined in our Companies Act 1994. Usually, in terms of company law, a resolution means the formal decision of a body (either the board of directors and/or shareholders) which has been taken ina meeting after proper deliberations. In a normal scenario, any proposed action (that require prior approval) is set out before the board of directors or shareholders as agenda for their approval. After the quorum isfulfilled, the board of directors or shareholders discuss, amend and vote such agenda. If the agenda is approved by a majority of the directors/shareholders, it becomes a resolution.

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